Saturday, May 30, 2015

I squeezed my Philly Phanatic stuffed animal into the pile of clothes, cooking supplies, and bedding I had set aside to be packed for Philly. As my parents helped me load the car, I felt excited that I would be living at the International House Philadelphia for the next 10 weeks. I said goodbye to South Jersey and to my nephew Nash; Philly here I come!

The University of Pennsylvania Nano/Bio Interface Center REU is providing housing for me along with the 9 other Summer Student Scholars and 4 international French Masters students at the IHouse. According to the IHouse website, IHouse Philly is "a multicultural residential center, a source of distinctive programming, and the embodiment of an ideal." As a resident, I look forward to meeting scholars from around the world and engaging in some of the IHouse programs.

When we arrived, I met Kevin and Jenna, fellow REU Scholars. Moving in was a smooth process and - after decorating - the apartment feels like a nice new home for the summer. 

Once moved in, I briefly explored the basement facilities. (Un)fortunately for my floormates, the IHouse has two music practice rooms which means I will use them for my bagpipe practicing. In the basement near the practice rooms there is the laundry facility which is equipped with vending machines. The IHouse is very thoughtful, in one of the machines there was many condoms and 1 packet of Tide detergent. 

After unpacking, my parents and I went to dinner with Jenna and her mom. Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, we ate wonderful Ethiopian food at a restaurant called Dahlak.

Thanks mom and dad for moving me in. Tonight is ending but my summer adventures in Philly are just beginning! 

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