Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This summer, I look forward to conducting research for 10 weeks as part of the Nano/Bio Interface Center REU at the University of Pennsylvania. 

The NBIC REU Summer Student Scholars will (according to the program website):
  • Participate in a 10-week program designed to give undergraduate students the opportunity to work with scientists on the cutting-edge of nanoscale research. 
  • Experience for students to perform summer research working with a mentor in an NBIC investigator's laboratory for the duration of the program. 
  • Gain lab research experience and participate in seminars, paper discussions, career sessions and skills workshops.
  • Earn a stipend and be housed within walking distance of the university. 

As a 2015 Summer Student Scholar, I am spending 10 weeks researching at the University of Pennsylvania. I will be interning in the Drndic lab working on the project “Development of nanoscale structures for electronic transport and nano-electric applications.” It will be exciting to learn and conduct experiments using electron beam lithography and cleanroom techniques to make nanoscale devices using wafer processing, chip fabrication, transmission electron microscopy, and other materials characterization techniques. Starting June 1st, I begin in the lab and I am moving into my apartment at the International House Philly this weekend (May 30th). 

I am hyped for the opportunity to learn new knowledge in the lab that is applicable to my endeavors as an engineering student and my interest in medical research. 

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