Thursday, July 2, 2015

It's 4th of July week, and the adventures continue at UPenn and in the city of Philadelphia. On Sunday night, the celebrations began as I attended the fireworks show at Penn's Landing with some of my REU friends. 

This week, I used my Penn card to enter the Wharton business school. My lab friend Paul told me he discovered what he thinks is one of the best views of Philadelphia from Wharton's rooftop rooms. Sadly, the room that showcases the best view was locked. However, I was still able to enjoy my Wharton visit and some nice side views of center city.

On Wednesday, I delivered a mid-way presentation of my research to the other REU students. I'm having a great time in my lab and cannot believe the research fellowship is already halfway over! After the lab, my friend Connie and I are having fun wandering into shops downtown University City. We shared a special break from lab work with a fro-yo moment this afternoon. 

The nanofabrication center is having work done so many of the equipment is currently not operational. This delays work but hopefully everything will be running next week. I have been working on designing an apparatus to assist the transfer of the Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) flakes onto membranes on the silicon wafers. The alignment must be precise, matching the flake and membrane accurately at the micron level. 

In the lab, I have also begun learning a simulation program to create an animation for WS2 transfer to add to our YouTube channel. We already have a few awesome simulations for graphene and phosphorine - can't wait to add WS2 transfer. I also started "The Cleanroom Chronicles" cartoon.

As a final note, never follow the procedure for HF - it is not safe. This upcoming weekend: GO USA! Hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July.

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