Friday, June 26, 2015

Gopi, Paul, and I traveled to Lehigh University today to use their Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope which can capture images with atomic resolution. We had prepared samples with flakes of our material suspended on wafer membranes. Using the TEM today, we were able to drill nanopores in thin sections of the suspended flakes and take images of the resulting pores. The process to locate the membranes with the flakes and then drill the pores took many attempts, however, we were finally successful. We left Lehigh University at 5pm with our new image files. 

Gaining experience with the TEM today was awesome. Also huge props to the US Supreme Court for ruling same-sex marriage is legal in every state! ❤ Yay America and #LoveWins 

Today was also exciting because I found out I was selected as 1 of 20 college women to attend Square's Code Camp - a five-day immersion program where I will attend coding workshops and leadership sessions, participate in a Square hackathon, and tour San Francisco.  I can't wait to meet fellow college women studying engineering from across the US, learn new coding languages/iOS development, and then share what I've learned with women on my campus. Learn about Code Camp here:

I guess this week is a week of new labs. On Wednesday following our NBIC programming event, Jenna took me on a tour of her lab at the Penn Medicine Abramson Cancer Center. Jenna's research focuses on creating nanogels that will improve drug delivery. Her lab is beautiful (almost as nice as mine ;) and cool (as in freezer room cool). 

Who knows what the weekend will bring; I'm planning to visit my grandma. 

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