Saturday, June 6, 2015

The MuralArts Tour was excellent and I was so glad I got to share the day with my mom and Holly. 

My mom and Holly arrived the IHouse around 11 and we went for lunch at a cute Japanese restaurant called Chattime. We ordered the lunch tempura special and there was so much food. Before the MuralArts Tour began, we had time to walk to Urban Outfitters and American Apparel to look and shop. 

The MuralArts Tour was not full so Kristin, our REU director, was very kind and welcomed my mom and Holly to join us. Here are pictures some of the murals we saw. The tour included details about the murals, the artistic process, the artists, and the history of the diverse communities that serve as the backdrop for the mural art forms. Philly is the Mural Capital of the World!

Following the Mural Tour, we went to see Future Sensations which was a free light show across from the Philadelphia Art Museum. Holly then took us to an amazing Moroccan restaurant that she loves going to when visiting the Art Museum. They had great seafood and everything was tasty. Thanks mom and Holly for coming! 

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