Sunday, June 14, 2015

I headed home for the weekend to celebrate my great uncle Norman's 91st birthday. Norman is still an active driver and is enjoying his youth. All of the family was at the Ocean City house for the party and there was good food and fun. Uncle Paul picked me up at the IHouse and drove me down to the shore. We (of course) stopped at Starbucks on the way down; with Paul, Starbucks is a tradition. Thanks to Paul for bringing me down - I had a great time!  

Sunday morning, I headed to church with my mom and dad. It was confirmation Sunday as well as the day the 2nd graders receive their bibles. It's a tiny picture, but you can see the Pastor handing a 2nd grader her bible. 
After church, I went to enjoy time walking on the Ocean City beach with my mom. Now I'm back at the IHouse and ready for a week of lab research.

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