Monday, June 22, 2015

I had a fun Father's Day weekend. The weekend started off great; my friend Nikhil came to visit! I was able to give him a tour of the physics lab where he met some of the awesome Drndic lab members. We also explored the Singh Center for Nanotechnology where I conduct my clean room experiments. After the lab tour, we went to a Thai restaurant and had a good time in the University City section of Philly.

To celebrate Father's Day, I headed home Saturday afternoon. I ate dinner with family and watched a "Back to the Future" marathon (minus the last movie). I find that the third "Back to the Future" movie is a disappointment to the series as a whole and therefore feel ok with pretending it never existed. 

Sunday morning I went to church to see dad play guitar during one of the praise songs. After some time relaxing at home, it was time to head back to Philly. We ate dinner at Pod where I had eaten previously with my lab group. Pod was surprisingly not busy and we were able to sit in one of the light changing "pod" rooms. 

Today was exciting because I ate lunch with one of my high school science fair mentors, Dr. Mante who is the director of bio-materials at the University of Pennsylvania Dental School. I conducted experiments and dental research tests in his lab for my project, "Development of a Novel Safe Method for In Vitro Re-Creation of the Tooth Enamel Layer." He expressed great kindness in opening his lab to me, introducing me to dental techniques and relevant dental tests, and providing me with mentorship and support.

Dr. Mante met me at the Beijing restaurant and I enjoyed a good meal and conversation. I've come to be very appreciative of his life advice. His key advice for today: take advice as only a suggestion, it is up to you to ultimately determine your path. 

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