Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9th 2015 - will I meet Marty McFly today? I'm a huge Back to the Future fan and really hoped I could've hoverboarded to the lab this morning. 

Lab experiments are going well. I have been using the SEM and Atomic Force Microscopy machines to analyze samples. Cleanroom wafer processing of our W2S wafer was unsuccessful yesterday but we started over and today were able to finish the process for one wafer. This morning I observed as Gopi performed the HF etching on the wafer. We wore extra protective gear that included face mask, apron, and heavy-duty gloves. The etching went well.  After etching, I was able to use a microscope on the nanolevel level to observe the WS2 membranes that had formed. 

After the lab, I've been cooking and having fun with my suitemates. Jenna shares her cooking knowledge and smarties; I share my cooking equipment and orange oreo milkshakes. Our 1 page lab summaries are due tomorrow and they are ready to go.

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