Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nanotechnology gives a new meaning to "it's a small world after all." The lab has a ukulele - it would be awesome to learn to play "It's a Small World;" I hope they have a version for beginners. 

Some other interesting things in our lab:

I made and used piranha solution today on the WS2 membranes. I particularly enjoyed performing step 18 from the procedure above. 

This morning, I used the SEM with David and Connie and observed a sample with PVMA - a coating that can be used as a photoresist. In today's "Brown-bag lunch" session, the other NBIC scholars and I listened to a presentation on preparing our scientific reports to follow the American Chemical Society (ACS) Nano journal format. In the afternoon, I observed the WS2 membranes under the microscope and packaged them to be shipped to our partner university for analysis. 

Tonight a group of NBIC REU friends and I went to the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Contemporary Art for a Summer Screening event. Super fun!

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